YB-1450-1650 Automatic 5ply Flute Laminating Machine

YB-1450-1650 Automatic 5ply Flute Laminating Machine

1.Automatic 5ply Flute Laminating Machine
A workable mechanical laminating machine, for printed cardboard and corrugated paper laminating machine, the whole machine is made up of 3 automatic feeding part(Topsheet feeder and 2 corrugated paper feeding part), two parts of gluing, two parts of laminating, onepartof pressingconveyor.Suitable forthelaminating ofcardboardtoAflute+Aflute,Aflute+Bflute,Aflute+Eflute,Bflute+Aflute,Bflute+Bflute,Bflute+Eflute,Eflute+Aflute,Eflute+Bflute,Eflute+E flute, corrugated could be changed as needed. It could also laminate cardboard to single flute to make 3ply sheet. And also for the lamination of corrugated to carrugated to 4 ply corrugated paper. A good machine for the printing process,good accuracy and quick operation, labor and time saving
Segment introduction: 1.TOP FEEDER (FOR CARDBOARD)
Four sets of foreheading suckers ensuring smooth feeding , and two sets of picking suckers. Emergency stop control for double sheet, a missed sheet or misaligned sheet. Alarm for error.

2. Corrugated Paper(middle and lower) Feeder
Could control either part of the corrugated feeding part to feed sheet Single corrugated bottom feeding, with strong suction power Equipped with 14 sucking belts ( 7 for each),strong suction and smooth feeding.

3. Paper Collector
Moving in line with elasticity,moving forward on the edge of the sheet, smooth and stable Total 20 front gauges(8 on front and 12 on the back), driven smoothly by the left and right chains, bite type moving forward, pushing the paper in an accurate way The moving of the top sheet and bottom sheet is controlled by the “relative position controller”, it could adjust the size accurately, the accuracy was within the ±1.5mm

4.  Laminating Part
The front laminating part could handle A flute+A flute,A flute+B flute,A flute+E flute,B flute+A flute,B flute+B flute,B flute+E flute,E flute+A flute,E flute+B flute,E flute+E flute, the laminated flute could exchange to each other. And it could laminate the cardboard to one flute, the top sheet could be the filmed and coated paper, and no different to the speed,normally the speed is 0-80sheet/min. The glue part is made up of 4 rollers, the upper ones are glue roller and metering roller, the down is pressure roller, the metering roller could control the density of the glue, glue painted on the corrugated paper and controlled by the pressure roller, make the corrugated move forward and laminated with the top sheet.

5. Foundation Layout

Model YB-1450E YB-1650E
Max sheet size 1450*1100mm 1650*1100mm
Min sheet size 400*400mm 400*400mm
Top sheet thickness 150-800GSM 150-800GSM
Bottom sheet thickness 0.5-10mm 0.5-10mm
Max speed( sheets/hour) 80/min 80/min
Fitting precision ±1mm ±1mm
Dimensions 15.1*2.45*2.6M 15.1*2.65*2.6M
Machine weight 8800kgs 9800kgs
Machine power 28HP/380V 30HP/380V
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