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Youbond Flute Laminator

Youbond Flute Laminators have different functions, speed,and effect.Please check below production in details.

High speed intelligent laminator

High Speed Intelligent Laminating Machine with Flip Flop Stacking Machine

High speed intelligent laminator

High Speed Servo Type Laminating Machine

intelligent cardboard laminator

Intelligent Cardboard Laminating Machine

lable laminator

Labeling Laminator

corrugation to corrugation laminator

Corrugation to Corrugation Laminator

automatic flute laminator with flip flop stacking machine

Automatic Flute Laminating Machine with Flip Flop  Stacking Machine


Automatic 5ply Flute Laminating Machine

Auto pile turner and stacking machine

Auto Pile Turner and Stacking Machine

Automatic and manual flute laminator

Automatic and Manual Laminating Machine

High speed semi-automatic flute laminator

Semi-automatic Flute Laminating Machine(High Speed)

Semautomatic flute laminator

Semi-automatic Flute Laminating Machine

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What is the Max size for the paper?

We have the machine size 1300,1450 and 1650, means you can do with the Max paper size 1300*1300, or 1450*1450*1650*1650.


Which glue does the machine use?

Normally we use corn starch glue and some customer also use the white glue

what is the Max speed for the machine?

The Servo type model with the Max speed 12000 sheets/hour

The Medium speed automatic model with the  Max speed 6000-7000 sheets/hour.

Which model can do the cardboard paper to Cardboard paper?

The model YB-1207BK/1210BK

Which machine can do both cardboard paper to cardboard paper and cardboard paper to corrugated paper?

The model YB-1450H/1650H

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