YB-1207BK-1210BK Intelligent Cardboard Laminating Machine

YB-1207BK-1210BK Intelligent Cardboard Laminating Machine

YB-1207/1210BK Intelligent Cardboard Laminating Machine

This machine adpots the special motion tracing position system that makes the two sheets get aligned accurately. For sheet-to-sheet laminating of cardboard, glossy paper and grayboard, performing a high accuracy. The machine is widely used in the production of wine boxes, tags , puzzle games and gift boxes,etc.

Detail parts



1) Feeder system:equipped with high speed dedicated feeder, feeding nozzle can freely adjust the angle to the paper;Feeder position adjusts automatically.





2) Laminating system:The paper is chased against the gauge by the speed difference between the paper and the motion gauge, performing high accuracy.





3) Electrical system:Designed in the accordance

with European CE stacdard, human-machine interface detects the faults automatically and alarms any abnormal.




4) Airing System:Equipped with two Germany Baker pumps that provide the stable airing supply for both up and bottom feeder.

model YB-1207BK YB-1210BK
Max sheet size 1200×720mm 1200×1000mm
Min sheet size 450×280mm 450×280mm
Top paper thickness 100-800g/m2 100-800g/m2
Bottom paper thickness 180-1200g/m2 180-1200g/m2
Accuracy ±0.5mm ±0.5mm
Weight 7500KGS 7500KGS
Machine power 20KW 20KW
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