YB-1450HS-1650HS High Speed Laminating Machine and Flip Flop Machine

YB-1450HS-1650HS Speed Laminating Machine And Flip Flop Machine Banner

Automatic collecting, front and back placed stacking
Save time and effort, simple and easy to learn
Servo compensation positioning automatic tracking system


High speed Automatic laminating machine and flip flop machine. First the printed sheet and corrugated is laminated accurately and pressed through the conveyor, and then the laminated sheets be stacked based on the set amount in front and back side and slapped automatically and finally the stacked sheets come out automatically. The whole line achieves the high automation of the lamination.




Bottom paper feeding: Use imported Servo motor electric controlling system, with Japan NITTA suction belt to make suction power inverter, and belt cleaned by water roller; Patented technology to ensure corrugate and cardboard goes out smoothly and simple operation



Top sheet feeding mechanism: equipped with high speed auto dedicated feeder, both paper lifting and feeding nozzle can freely adjust angle to the paper, to ensure that whether thick or thin paper can be delivered rapidly and smoothly



Electrical system: Designed in the accordance with European CE requirement, ensure machine stability, high efficiency and low failure. Using man-machine interface and PLC combination, display all the information, such as warning, error detect, failures, and operating speed, etc on the screen at a glance



Pre-stack section: pre-stack pile of paper under the condition of non-stop, improve efficiency. The special design of the pre stack paper frame, save time and effort.



Glue roller: Stainless steel roller, never rust, after narrowly grinding, guaranteed the minimum amount glue coated evenly. Down roller be cleaned by water roller.



Transmission Part : Imported double toothed synchronous belt drive, equipped with a tensioning device to ensure the accuracy of the transmission, stable, low noise



Positioning System: Using groups of photoelectric sensing bottom paper forward relative position, control top paper on both sides of the servo motor, independent compensation action, the top paper and bottom paper precision laminated



Stacking the laminated sheets based on the set amount in front and back side automatically.

YB-1450HS YB-1650HS
Max Sheet size 1450×1450mm 1650×1450mm
Min Sheet size 500*500mm 500*500mm
Top sheet thickness 150-500g 150-500g
Bottom sheet thickness A/C/C/E/F(Corrugated paper)、(four ply corrugated paper)
Fitting precision ±1mm ±1mm
Air consumption 1.2m3/min 1.2m3/min
外形尺寸Measurement 22.5*2.8*3M 22.5*3*3M
Machine power 30KW 32KW
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