General Questions

Which Glue does the machine use?

Normally in China, the customers are using the Cornstarch glue, but this is laminating for the cardboard paper to the corrugated. If the machine is laminating machine cardboard to the cardboard, the customer will be used the White glue , because the viscosity and the quality of the white glue is better then cornstarch glue.

What is the MAX and MIN machine size?

We have the standard machine size 1300, 1450 and 1650.

Different model with different size. We will reply more detail based on your interested model.

We also can customize the size if you have special requirements.

How many models you have?

We have High speed sevo type laminating machine, Intelligent cardboard laminating machine, Corrugation to Corrugation laminating machine, Partial laminating machine, Automatic flute laminating machine, Auto pile turner and stacking machine, Semi-automatic flute laminating machine.

What's the Max speed for the machine?

We have the High speed servo type laminating machine with the max speed 12000sheets/ hour.

The intelligent cardboard laminating machine with the max speed 9000sheets/hour

The Automatic flute laminating machine with the max speed 6000-7000 sheets/hour.

Sales Questions

How long is the machine production?

Normally the machine needs 30 working days.

What is the price Term?

We can do CIF or FOB.

If you have your own forwarder and want to arrange the shipment by yourself, then we can do FOB.

If you need us to arrange the shipment, then we can do CIF.

How long time for the Warranty?

One year for the Parts.

After Purchase Questions

How about the installation arrangement?

When the machine arrive your factory, we will send one engineer visit your factory to install the machine and training your operator how to running the machine, but you need to pay the Round-trip ticket, three meals, hotel and salary USD80.00/day for the engineer.( This situation should be after the epidemic, )

Now we can use online support. We have the machine installation Videos, and we will create the installation Group by Wecha or What’s app. Our sales and Engineers will in this group. If customer have any questions during the installation can send us photo or videos, we will teach you how to fix ,we also can send you the photo or video from the machine in our workshop. So no need to worry about it.

What shall we do when the machine arrive?

When our machine arrive your factory, please prepare the below items:

  1. When the machine arrive yourfactory, must to open the package first. Because the machine was shipping on the sea for the long time, the water vapor will be inside. If you don’t not open the package for the long time, the machine will be rusty.
  2. The fully place for our machine, we have sent the foundation layout of the machine to you, please checkit.
  3. Glue powder or the glue: In China we are using the Cornstarch glue, we don’t know what kind of the glue is using in your country. So when the machine arrive your factory before, please contact your local glue supply to confirm the glue for the flute laminating machine
  4. The power: the three phase voltagewith null line.
  5. Paper: please prepare how many GSM of the duplex paper for the top paper, and what kind of the corrugated paper for the bottom paper.
  6. Operator: please confirm which person will operate our machine, and hope the factorywill not change the operator to operate our machine.
  7. Interpreter: If you want to us send the engineerto your factory to install the machine, please hire one Interpreter for our engineer, because our engineer can not speak the English or another language, only the Chinese, and that will be good forthe engineer communicated with you.

Getting Started Questions

The machine can clean Automatically?

Yes, it can automatically. You just change the glue tank by the water tank before work finishing, then it can clean aumatically.

How long time to clean the glue pump?

After work of the day, the glue pump must be cleaned with clean water to prevent the glue pump from running normally due to glue.

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