YB-1307G Automatic High Speed Laminator

    YOUBOND Machinery Co., Ltd concentrates on the design and production of laminating machine, in view of recent year status of flute and cardboard laminating, design a representative of the current highest speed, the latest generation of dual function machine YB-1310G Automatic High Speed Laminator, which can work both cardboard to cardboard and cardboard to corrugate, maximize the production efficiency, avoid duplicated investment. YOUBOND will continuously provide the customers with the first class equipment and more efficient service.

1、To achieve high efficient and stable operation, main parts of equipment all imported
2、Top sheet feeding mechanism: equipped with high speed auto dedicated feeder, both paper lifting and feeding nozzle can freely adjust angle to the paper, to ensure that whether thick or thin paper can be delivered rapidly and smoothly
3、Top sheet lifting table: adopting large ratio of high strength turbine reducer to make sure the instant speed stability
4、Top sheet pilling table: Unique idea E-type with double gaps device design can allow sheet to be pushed directly by hand forklift, shorten paper stacking time and improve the efficiency, and also can be installed the orbit type auxiliary pile board
5、Bottom paper drive: Use imported Servo motor electric controlling system to guarantee high sensitivity and high speed operation
6、Bottom paper feeding: Patented technology to ensure corrugate and cardboard goes out smoothly and simple operation
7、Glue roller: Stainless steel roller, never rust, after narrowly grinding, guaranteed the minimum amount glue coated evenly
8、Glue system: Automatic glue complement system, automatic replenishment of losses glue in the process of laminate, and also equipped with glue recycling system
9、Front and back positioning: Unique creation of front gauge positioning system, take advantage of the speed difference of paper feeding and front running, make sure the paper tracking the front gauge and accurately positioning
10、Side positioning: left and right side synchronous block complete the accurate positioning
11、Transmission: With imported belt drive, ensure the drive accurate, stable and low noisy.
12、Operating system: Using man-machine interface and PLC combination, display all the information, such as warning, error detect, failures, and operating speed, etc on the screen at a glance
13、Electrical system: Designed in the accordance with European CE
14、Our mechanical configurations are subject to change without notice

The division is introduced:

Technical parameters:
型号 Model YB-1307G
最大纸张 Max sheet size(W x L)  宽1300×长700mm
最小纸张 Min sheet size(W x L)  宽500×长350mm
面纸厚度 Top sheet thickness 175克~700克
底纸厚度 Bottom paper thickness 300g~8mm
机器速度 Machine speed 10000张/小时
贴合精度 Fitting precision ±1mm
机器功率 Machine power 20KW 380V
机器长度 Machine length 11500mm
机器重量 Machine weight 6000KG

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