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Laminating machine definition
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Laminating machines are paper manufacturing machinery areas, is a wall paper used to paste together two pieces of paper the. It is the agency by the paper, laminating paper, agencies and institutions constitute the pressure in the feed sector to set two side by side on the limelight, in the laminating sector institutions to set a center position, the two institutions go laminating paper path laminating both sides of the body side to set a wing spring, the center detent is positioned by the center block and the ups and downs of body-oriented form, this applies to new construction brief, progressive production efficiency, comply with the requirements of the differences big and small paper is a kind of big and small paper there is no limit, you can convert single and double sheet feed laminating machine.

Another laminating machine, it is a paper organization, institutions and pressure laminating paper sector composition, feed body is the body composition of the upper and lower layers, two layers of laminating the upper and lower body is the body composition, characterized in the paper sector side by side on the upper body set up two thunder, set in the laminating sector with central positioning mechanism, the two institutions go laminating paper path, both sides in the laminating side of organization set up a wing spring, centering institutions is central positioning guide block and institutions constitute the ups and downs, ups and downs of centering and guide block body interface.

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