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purchase laminating machine
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As the secondary structure of laminating machine, different performance, adaptability and the price is very different, so, purchase the product according to plant characteristics, plant conditions, technical and financial strength, etc., full and comprehensive consideration, procurement should focus from the choice of brand, price election, election specifications, model and options selected practical aspects to consider:

1) Select brand

Pre-owned equipment manufacturer brands is actually selected, in general, the production scale, technology strength of large factories produced cladding machine performance, quality, relatively stable and reliable after-sales service is also more secure, that must choose a cost-effective second-hand laminator brands.

2) Select Price

Price is an important factor in the decision cost of production is one of the control of plant equipment procurement an important part of the price of used equipment and its structure, performance, brand, etc. have a certain relationship, simple structure, inefficient machines fit a As long as a few thousand dollars can buy, semi-automatic laminator cladding compared with less automatic feeding structure, the speed of the machine by hand to put the paper speed limits, and automatic laminator complex structure, mechanical and technical accuracy levels are high, high production efficiency and quality, choose what grade models, according to the characteristics of the plant product may be, it is worth mentioning is that different manufacturers of the same structure of the laminator, because the plant's production capacity, production scale, material sources, management and production costs of the different, the price will be some differences. Therefore, the price is to choose the "shop around" in the case, by "walking the market, visit user" means the equipment on the market structure, performance and price for multi-party inspection, the equipment market itself has a relatively accurate, clear understanding, to ensure that the purchase price to the right, reliable second-hand laminator.

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